Crystal Meditation Circle

Meditation and crystals can support a balanced mindset and used as a way to relax and go inwards to bring about self awareness. Crystal Meditation can bring clarity of thought and a deep sense of serenity and relaxation.

*Crystal meditation is a class for well being for ages 15 plus.
*Each week is different, working with different crystals, energies & healing.
*Do you want to learn how to meditate using different crystals?
*Are you fed up of having a racing mind?

*Meditation is a practice to reduce stress and improve health on many levels. It gives you time to reflect on your life experiences and gives you the focus for transformation and growth.

The class involves lying down on a mat (or sitting if you prefer) listening to a guided story which is enhanced by crystal energies.

Carrie will facilitate the journey which allows you to use your imagination and look inward as you relax the mind, body and soul. These journeys can help you with different aspects of your life, give you an hour off and chance to unwind. If you have an interest in crystals or feeling better in yourself then trying this style of meditation can really open you up to improving your health.

****No experienced required***
Just an intention to try meditation as a way to go inward and relax, recharge and be able to focus.

The class is open to everyone and will include step-by-step guided meditation using crystals, talks and informal discussions. This group class will allow you to relax, enjoy some meditation, and return home feeling refreshed and inspired.

There are many types of meditation-but the ultimate aim of meditation (in its purest form) is to understand the mind to make it more peaceful.

We provide the mats.
Please bring a blanket, pillow & drink (optional)

£7.50 per class payable in advance to book your space, and therefore is non-refundable.

If anyone under the age of 18 is attending, plus contact me PRIOR to BOOKING to receive a consent form, which is required before any session via email.